Turkish women cope with male-dominated society

Once in a nation that provided women with far-reaching rights and status, to an extent unprecedented in any Muslim country, women in Turkey today face a number of problems.

By Menekse Tokyay for SES Türkiye in Istanbul -- 15/03/12

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Women in Turkey still cope with problems that stem from the traditional patriarchal values and male-dominated social relations in much of daily life. But they often question existing gender discrimination and domestic violence, and consequently demand improvement of existing laws in line with the standards of contemporary Western societies.

  • An activist with the women's rights group Femen protested domestic violence in Istanbul on March 8th. [Reuters]

    An activist with the women's rights group Femen protested domestic violence in Istanbul on March 8th. [Reuters]

In the contemporary debate over Turkish women's issues, the most discussed topic is the rising trend of violence throughout the country, in all forms, regardless of socio-economic and educational levels.

As a result of the pervasive patriarchal structure, nearly half of all women say they have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of their husbands or partners.

Ayse Kaya from southeastern Anatolia, is a heartbroken 26-year-old, a victim of domestic violence for more than a decade at the hands of her husband whom she was forced to marry.

"I've witnessed a lot of things and am still witnessing. For instance, when I was married and gave birth to my first child, my child became ill. I asked my husband to take the child to the hospital. He declined. And my child died."

Women wearing Islamic headscarves either because of religious conviction or pressure from the family also face gender discrimination, preventing them from their right to education or employment. It is estimated that at least 60% of women in Turkey wear a head scarf.

Since 2010, universities across Turkey started to abandon the official prohibition on women wearing headscarves, but the restrictions in the civil services spilled over to the private sector.


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    In USA, 50 million women are exposed to violence, what shall we say about this? Or, there is no woman in European countries who have not been harassed or raped, what shall we say about this? Be objective a little bit, dont’t attack the religion, that’s enough.

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    Hey! I’ve just met your site but you give yourself away immediately. I don’t know whether you’re competing in dishonesty. Shame, really very pity. Your aim is already quite clear in that picture. There are manipulated news in your site and all of them contains antagonism to Islam. We are aware, you can not cheat us. But at least don’t confuse people’s brains. And publish this comment. I don’t know whether it suits your books or not.

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    In this country, justice works in favor of men, this rule has to be broken, women should see this ignorance games anymore.

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    islam makes women property and slave of man

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    I dont get the relation between headscarf and violence or headscarf and education ? your pretty weird please be consistant. also try making sense when writing an article, learn how write first LOL.

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